5 Good Reasons to Choose Laravel

The evolution and advancement of technologies all around the globe has led to changes in the way website development processes are evolving over time. Laravel is one of the most popular and a leading names among the wide array of PHP frameworks – for the web artisans and Laravel development company is on the boom.

We must take help of Google trends here and the fact that it states Laravel as the most popular of all PHP frameworks among the developers. The primary reason for adopting the platform is that it is an open-source PHP web application framework that provides the perfect infrastructure for website application development.

There are many benefits of using a seamless web application framework like Laravel. “What are the benefits?” Let us explore some of the benefits now.

What are the Benefits of Laravel ?

First. It is designed in such a way that it speeds up the web development procedure, which is a boon for developers in this age of Agile development methodologies. However, it is the elegant and expressive syntaxes that set apart Laravel from the rest of the PHP frameworks available in the web development market. This is what enables to speed up the web development process.

Moreover, it comes with advanced query syntaxes that enable the general tasks meant for web projects like session, queue, authentication and caching. Furthermore, your organization can take the help of efficient and adept developers to build web applications – within a short period of time – writing easy and understandable code with Laravel. Finally, the platform has the support of a strong community of developers.

We must also state that Laravel comes with a rich set of features that help in deciding on the platform. It has an eloquent ORM that helps to interact with the database. Moreover, the CRUD process becomes simplified with the use of resource controllers.

In this post, we will provide you with some useful insights on the Laravel platform and offer 5 good reasons to decide on Laravel for developing web applications. We next deal with these reasons:

Reasons to Choose Laravel for Developing Web Applications

Irrespective of whether you are a novice developer or you are a business owner, you have the following reasons to choose Laravel as a platform for developing web applications. These are:

Open Source

Laravel is an open-source PHP framework that helps you to build web applications. So, it offers an easy and free option to build web applications – both complex and large and that comes with perfect code maintainability.

Template Engine

It is possible to create dynamic content seedings and amazing layouts with the lightweight templates of Laravel. It has many widgets with JS and CSS code that comes with solid structures. Simple web page layouts design the templates and come with different sections.

One such simple yet powerful template engine is that of Blade that comes with Laravel. The Blade template files have the .blade.php extensions. There is no restriction on Blade to make use of plain PHP code, while creating the views.

MVC Architecture Support

Laravel is a PHP framework that follows MVC (Model-View-Controller) architectural pattern. The MVC support is one of the main reasons as to why Laravel has emerged as one of the leading names in PHP frameworks.

MVC helps Laravel to maintain transparency and differentiates between presentation and logic. Moreover, it is the use of this architecture that allows better documentation as well as improved performance along with multiple built-in functions.


Laravel is itself divided into various modules as it is accompanied with 20 different sets of libraries. It creates responsive, modular and user-friendly web apps, while adopting the PHP principles of the modern framework.

Libraries and Configuration

Laravel has authorization libraries that are integrating from inside. This makes it possible to support many of the development environments – adjusting itself based on appropriate platforms on which the app runs.

Wrapping up

We wrap up to say that any web applications that is developed without security features is meaningless but it is not possible to build applications with 100 % security. When we compare Laravel with the other PHP frameworks in the market, we come across with strong security features in Laravel – that comes with CSRF tokens. This offers protection when the nature of the request is changed from POST to GET.

The above reasons are what makes it possible to establish Laravel as an appropriate framework for developing awesome web applications and position it as a highly preferred framework in the minds of the expert Laravel developers and the business owners.

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