Top 3 Best Apps Like Freedom APK – Freedom app alternatives

Hello friends, This blog is designed to make Freedom App available to all the people. All links to download Freedom APK are available on download page, hope you like the Freedom APK because its interface is very easy and it is used by a lot of people but many people have mobile phones in which the freedom app is not running, so do not worry guys in this post We are going to tell you the Apps like freedom app, which work just like the Freedom App. The people who do not know What is the Freedom App? We want to tell them this is a hacking app that runs only on Android devices.
This app bypasses the Google Play Store’s credit checking system and purchases in-app purchases for free, everyone wants to play games for free, so everyone uses Freedom App but there are some mobile phones where This app is not able to run so we are telling you the alternatives of this app in this post, maybe it will run in your mobile.

Apps Like Freedom APK

Lucky Patcher

The lucky patcher is a very trendy app after the Freedom App, which works just like the Freedom App. It is completely free and this app is officially available for Android. You must root your phone to install the lucky patcher.
Key features:

  • Removes Google ads in Apps and Games.
  • Allow its users to buy in-app purchases for free.
  • It helps to fully unlock all the features of games and apps.
  • It removes license verification on all paid games and apps.
  • It is best app after Freedom APP for Android.


It’s a great Android app that you must try, it offers a lot of video games to its users without any charge, if you have to fully enjoy the features of an app or game then you have to do purchases. But this is the app that will unlock all of the features of any game in free. With Creehack, you can buy items like XP, gems, gold, levels, etc. for free.
Key features:

  • No need of root.
  • There is no limit to buy in-app purchases for free.
  • Supports all apps.


This is another amazing app for enjoying Android games with unlimited access to paid items on devices. It scans your device for all the games installed on it and after scanning, you have to select whatever you want to hack. This is the best option to enjoy all types of Games.

Key features:

  • This app is specially made for games, every game can be fully enjoyed with its help.
  • There are thousands of mods in this app for games.
  • Regular updates.
  • Allows Super Game Mode to outperform your opponents.


The purpose of this post is to make sure that if Freedom APK is not running in your mobile, then we are telling you some of the alternatives of Freedom App, may be this article will help you. These are the best alternatives to freedom apk listed above, in this post we tell you about apps like freedom, hope you all liked this post.

Thanks 🙂

Download Freedom PC for Windows 7/8/8.1/10 [Latest] – Download for PC

Hello friends, hope you all will be okay, in this post we will tell you how to download Freedom for PC as we have told you earlier that the Freedom APK is available only for Android but we told you we would tell you How to install Freedom PC, let’s start this post.
Friends, you must know that in order to run the Freedom app in PC, we will need an Android emulator. We can not run this app directly in PC. It is an Android app so we have to run it in the computer.We will need an Android emulator such as Bluestacks, Youwave, Genymotion etc.
We all love Android games but we get bored by playing those games in small screens, many people want those games to be played in the computer, but some people do not know how to download Android games on computer, today we are going to tell all the people how you can play Android games in your computer.

We all have a computer at home and we all love playing games, but when it comes to Android games, many people do not know how to play Android games in PC, today’s In the post, we are going to tell you the full process of how to play Android games on your PC and how to use Freedom for PC. We will tell you today in this post how to install Freedom APK on your PC and also how to install bluestacks on your PC just keep reading this post from beginning to end.

Freedom for PC

This is the information of this app.

File Name : Freedom APK 

Size : 1.90 MB

Version : 2.0.9 (Latest)

File type : .apk

Download Freedom for PC

Here we are providing a link so that you can download the Freedom app on your PC, this file will not run directly in your computer. To run this file, you will have to install Bluestacks software on your computer. With this, you can play any other Android game on your computer, in this post we will show you the process of installing it.

Download Freedom for PC

By clicking on this link you can download the Freedom App for your computer.

You can also download Windows 10 Gamer Edition Here.

How to install Bluestacks on your PC

Step 1: First of all, search on Google “Bluestacks” and click on the first result.

Step 2: Now the official website of “Bluestacks” will open in front of you.

Step 3: Now you have to click the green button on the download button as soon as you click “Bluestacks” will start downloading.

Step 4: When this file is completely downloaded, double click this file and open it.

Step 5: Now “Bluestacks” will be installed on your PC.

How to install Freedom APK on PC

Step 1: When “Bluestacks” is fully installed on your computer, then you can download the Freedom app from the link given above.

Step 2: Now open the Freedom APK.

Step 3: Now the Freedom App will be installed on your computer.

Step 4: Now open “Bluestacks”, the Freedom App will be installed on your PC.

The only thing to keep in mind is that when you want to run any Android app then you have to open “Bluestacks” and only then can you run that app

Final Verdict…

Freedom APK – In this post we told you the complete way to download Freedom for PC and also how to install this app on your computer. In this post we have given you a link to the Freedom APK Download, which you can run in your Android phone, hope you guys liked this post. If you have any questions then you can ask us in the comment box, You do not forget to tell us how this post sounds to you. If you have any questions in mind then you can Contact us.

Download Freedom App for iOS and iPad devices

Hello friends In this post today we are talking about Freedom for iOS , which is becoming very popular in today’s world. As you might have noticed, our website has been built specifically for the Freedom app, in which we are providing you all kinds of versions of the Freedom APK.

If seen today, all the people have a mobile phone, there was a time when nobody used to have mobile, because all the people in the world used the telephone but due to the way technology has been promoted In today’s era even children’s have started having their own personal mobile phones. Now if everyone has their own mobile then it is obvious that everyone will play games in it. But now when we play games, the most worrying thing is that it is a demo version of that game and in order to enjoy that game completely we will have to purchase in-app purchases of that game.
That’s why we have brought you the Freedom APK for iOS, which will make any game’s in-app purchases free for you, and this app lets you unlock the premium features of any game in your phone for free Enjoy a lot of fun, the Freedom App is an app that bypasses the credit checking system of the app store and unlocks the premium features of every game or app for you, So let’s learn to learn how to install the Freedom app on your phone and how to use it properly. Apart from freedom for ios, we have provided more versions like Freedom for Android, Freedom for PC.

Freedom for iOS

As you all know, the Freedom APK is officially available for Android phones but we will tell you in this page how we can install the Freedom App on any ios phone. Those people who do not know what the phone is, we want to tell people that the number of phones the Apple company makes, there is only one operating system”iOS”. As many people play games in Android, so many people play in their ios phone. Now everyone wants an ios user to buy in-app purchases because more expensive in-app purchases than Android is done at ios store so we have brought Freedom for iOS with the help of which you can buy in-app purchases in your iPhone for free, so let’s start our tutorial today.

How to install Freedom app in iOS

As we have already told you that the Freedom App is available only for Android phones only and therefore there are no tutorials to install it but friends do not worry Freedom is making the Freedom App for ios. We apologize But as soon as there is an update of the Freedom App, we will update it on our website as long as you wait for it.


In this post we told you how you can install Freedom for iOS in your phone. Similar posts and other tutorials have been posted on our website, hope you have liked the Freedom APK features, if you need to download Freedom App in your PC then you can read from Freedom for PC on how to install Freedom App on your PC. Yes, how do you guys feel? Please tell us this post by commenting to us in the comment box. If you have something to ask, then you can contact us, we will definitely the reply to you.

Download Freedom APK V2.0.9 [Latest] for Android

Freedom APK Download – If you need Freedom App for Android then you have came to the right page, As you all know, the Freedom APK is very popular in today’s era. The speciality of this app is that it can purchase premium features of any game for free, in today’s era everyone has an Android Mobile and everybody wants to play games in their mobile but when a lot of money is required for in-app purchases in games, peoples left playing games but now no need to worry because we brought Freedom APK Download for our users so they can download it easily and do all in-app purchases for free. Freedom Android is very easy to run and with the help of this app we can purchase unlimited coins and keys for free in all games like unlimited coins in Subway Surfers or Unlimited Gems in Temple Run.

Download Freedom APK from our website for free, we have provided all links to download Freedom in this post. On this page you can download .apk file of this app which will be directly installed in your Android phone, This app is not available on Google Play Store. The world is moving so fast, everyone in the world wishes a flexible operating system on their device that meets all its current needs. In recent years, many companies have started to start their operating system, but Google Android OS has definitely become a breakout star.

Android OS provides an open source environment for its users to change the operating system’s layout according to their preferences.That’s why many hacking apps are made for Android phones. Because android belongs to an open source environment. That’s why the Freedom App is specially made for the Android system.

Freedom APK Download

We are providing some details and information about freedom apk in this table.

APK Name Freedom APK
Size 1.9 MB
Version 2.0.9 (Latest)
Platform Android 2.2 or higher
File Type .apk
License Freeware

Freedom APK key Features

  • Freedom App lets you purchase premium features of any game in free.
  • The Freedom App lets you unlock the whole game, which makes it easy for you to play a game.
  • Any game we play, coins and keys are always needed to survive for long time in game, the Freedom App makes you buy it for free.
  • We can play our favourite games completely in free of charge only with the help of Freedom APK.
  • We can shock our friends showing the progress of our game.

Download Freedom APK

Why Freedom APK?

The Freedom APK is an app that gives many features to all it’s users, The Freedom App lets all its users purchase premium features free, the Freedom App supports almost all games. Android users want to rank at the top of every game’s leader board, but because of the in-app purchases in the games, we can not rank well in those games. But friends, with the help of Freedom App, we can easily bring our rank to top of any game by getting in-app purchases for free. That’s why Friends, Freedom App has been getting popular nowadays and we also advise you to quickly download the Freedom App from our website and become the King of your Android mobile games.

Fixing Play Store no connection error after installing Freedom APK

Freedom App

If there is no connection error in the Play Store after installing Freedom App, then do not worry, we are telling you step by step to solve it.

Step 1: First of all, download a file explorer on your phone in which you can edit system files such as ES File explorer.

Step 2: Now access the root directory of your phone and open the folder named “System”.

Step 3: Open the “etc” folder and find the “hosts” file in it.

Step 4: Edit that “hosts’ file and paste below code in it. LOCALHOST

Step 5: Now save this file and open the application manager from the settings of your phone.

Step 6: Now select the Google Play Store from the list and click on the clear data option.

Step 7: Reboot your phone.

Congratulations friends, now you can easily do in-app purchases in your phone with the help of Freedom App.

Final Words

Hope you guys liked this post, we have provided you a link to Freedom APK Download in this post. No one is living honestly in today’s world, as we all know, the Freedom App is not a legal app and many people are using it even today, it is not available on the Google Play Store that’s why This blog has been created to download the APK but all this process is for an educational purpose, not to hurt any person’s sentiments. We have got many versions of Freedom Apps available such as Freedom for PC, Freedom for iOS. Download freedom completely free from our website, and find premium features for any game free of charge. If you have any questions in your mind, then tell us in the comment box, we will be keen to help you.