Steps to Optimize Your Website to Attract Investors

Startups have one of the top goals: to obtain funding. How do you attract investors? Although the website of your company may not be where you first think of going to achieve this goal, it can help you attract more investors and partners.

In today’s market almost all customer interaction and networking occur digitally. This means that potential investors have less chance to meet you face-to-face. Your website is often the first impression potential investors have of your company. It can raise or lower credibility.

What should you be focusing on in order to make sure your website accurately reflects your business’s value? These are the top four things that potential investors and your ideal customers will be looking for.

Invest in Professional Design

A professional web design is the foundation of a website that attracts investors. It doesn’t necessarily have to be expensive to put together. Many startups start with a basic site and expand as their business grows.

It could be a page that is “coming soon” or a single-page website that allows for high quality and low upfront costs.

Avoid using Templates

Even if your website is a single page, avoid templates. Competitors can use templates and they are often overused, which makes it difficult to distinguish your business.

A low-quality website design or templated options can make investors think you don’t care about the venture. Custom WordPress web design and other custom design solutions can provide more flexibility and possibilities. The better your design, the higher quality and more customized it is.

Visual Elements can Build trust

The site’s ability to engage customers and investors is also affected by the visual trust. Visual trust is a subconscious interaction someone has with the site. It is an emotional connection that results from the use of colors, imagery, and fonts.

The latest web design trends are used by professional designers to communicate trust visually in a way that a template or build-it-yourself option might not.

Conveyor industry and social Trust

A small business website can help build industry trust. Your business achievements and recognition in your industry will help build trust.

These can be demonstrated by displaying industry awards and affiliations your business is a part of. You can display a US Patent badge with the information and evidence that your company has obtained a patent for a product, or initiated the application process.

To build credibility, you can also highlight industry mentions or press recognitions. These logos and awards should be prominently displayed on your website’s home page, such as Bestow with an “as viewed in” banner under the hero section.

You can also display the amount of money you have already secured from investors if you are seeking additional funds. To promote their Series B round funding, Mutiny placed a notice in the footer to advertise their investment. It also included a link to read the press release and learn more.

Social Proof can be used to Build Trust

Social trust is another type of trust. Social proof is a way to build trust by demonstrating that customers and other businesses have worked well with your company. Social proof can be displayed by displaying the number and quality of your clients, as well as the years of business.

Startups may not have many customers or reviews. It is possible to highlight the logos of clients and partners you have. Even publishers who have spoken highly of your business can be highlighted.

Optimize Your Website to Attract Investors
Optimize Your Website to Attract Investors

Create a Strong Value Proposition

Clear messaging and a strong value proposition are essential to establishing a connection. When a visitor comes to a site, they typically spend about 10 seconds on the site. Your value prop must be prominent and visible to grab their attention.

Consider the value proposition of your startup’s elevator pitch. The value proposition should communicate clearly who you are, your strengths, and what sets you apart. Slack uses a great value prop in their hero section.

Avoid long, dense paragraphs and include every detail about your products on the homepage. Excessive text can be distracting and difficult to retain readers on your page. It is not user-friendly.

Use headlines, subheadings, and bullet points to focus on your top-level messaging. Visitors tend to scroll through the entire page first before scanning the content. A web designer can assist you in visual communication and create a visual hierarchy that makes the calls to action and high-level messaging standout.

Make an Investor Relations page or a Partner page

Websites can attract many visitors. Websites attract a variety of visitors, including existing clients, potential employees, investors, and new customers. These visitors all have different motivations and seek specific information. Simply put, each visitor has a unique goal to achieve by visiting your website.
You can create an Investor Relations page or Partner page to help investors find the correct information. This page could include information like press releases about additional funding or opportunities for investors and the benefits of supporting your business.

Potential investors can get a feel for the direction of your company by including the mission and vision in the content. This page is not a must-have, but it can make your brand stand out and provide a more enjoyable experience for visitors.

Tip: Add a sign-up form to your email list so that interested customers can get updates about your business and be added to a waiting list. This allows for a

Highlight the expertise of your team

Another strategy to build trust is to highlight the expertise of your team. Investors can see that the startup has an experienced team capable of executing its vision.

Your website’s About page or Team Page is the best place for displaying your team members. You can include a bio for each member of the team or board, which highlights their experience, certifications, and qualifications. Headshots are also a good idea to help customers and investors identify with the people they’re reading about.

You can place biographies next to the photo of each team member or use them as lightbox features. An introduction video can be included for key staff members.

Your startup’s About page allows you to share your brand personality and culture. Some companies include fun headshots or personal information about each member of the team. You can choose to make your brand’s personality come alive with elements that are modern, playful, or conservative.

You can also display a timeline of product development or company milestones. This displays the company’s growth in a concise way that does not require customers or investors to dig further. Swiftmile’s website features a timeline that highlights product launches from the company’s inception in 2015.

Make a good first impression

A website that makes an impression is crucial for investors in your startup. Your website will be a success if you have a web design that communicates industry and social trust and contains content geared towards investors.

Your website can be designed by you. A professional designer is the best way to make sure your website achieves all these goals. It also allows you to concentrate on running and growing the business.

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